Supercharge Your Goals and Dreams




Make 2018 Your BEST Year Yet!

Are you ready to jumpstart the new year with courage and confidence? Does your heart long to experience life in a new way? Do you have a personal vision or goal you’d like to achieve?

If so, Supercharge Your Goals and Dreams is perfect for you! In this empowering and inspiring program, you will learn simple yet powerful and proven techniques to help you bring your visions, goals and dreams into reality. The 6 Supercharge Classes will help you:

~ Get clear on and connect deeply with your heart’s true visions and dreams.

~ Set empowering and effective intentions that will help you realize your dreams.

~ Learn time-tested shamanic principles to bring your visions to reality.

~ Gain powerful skills to help you cut through doubts and eliminate fear-based energetic obstacles. 

~ Call in support from shamanic allies/guides and energetic council.

~ Learn to reflect, redesign and relaunch for ongoing progress.

Program begins Monday, January 8th. Limited spots available.


Let's Create Some Magic in 2018!

If you are ready to transform any aspect of your life, I would LOVE for you to join me for Supercharge 2018! I know first-hand the benefits of the techniques I'll teach you because they have helped me transformation several areas of my life...ranging from relationships to professional dreams to financial abundance. And I'm in awe of the shifts I have seen in former students through the use of these tools. If you are ready for the transformative possibilities that await you, don't delay. Join Supercharge 2018 today!

Erin K.

"Supercharge is the BEST way to start the new year! At the beginning of the year, everyone has so many hopes and dreams. Supercharge helps you realize anything is possible and that you can supercharge any area of your life! I'm so grateful to Supercharge for helping me move forward professionally. Supercharge helped to awaken possibilities for me and to bring joy and excitement to an area of life in which I was afraid I might have to settle. Now, I can confidently say I'm on track to have a fulfilling career I love."

Genny D.

"Supercharge was such an amazing, powerful way to start 2017 – WOW! Supercharge gives you the blue prints for how to manifest the life you want to live! It has kicked off a beautiful chain of events in my life and has given me the knowledge and techniques to bring greater abundance, joy, inner peace to my life. I’m so looking forward to continuing the momentum and starting off 2018 with Supercharge again! And I’m beyond excited for my husband to join me this year as I know it will help him (and us) reach new heights together!" 

Meena V.

"Starting 2017 with Supercharge was one of the best decisions I made this year! The Supercharge course equipped us with tools to deal with the negative emotions we all face on a daily basis. I cannot emphasize how great these are -- I still use them all the time! I also learned about all of these wonderful sources of support that I didn't realize I had. Most importantly, Supercharge helped me to feel empowered in my own life. I have become an active participant in my life and someone who takes charge of it! I cannot thank Parminder enough for creating such a fantastic course!"

Program = $495

6 Empowering Webinar Classes 

All Support Materials

Weekly Inspiration & Tools


Pay in One Installment of:



6 Empowering Webinar Classes

All Supplemental Materials

Weekly Inspiration & Tools


Pay In 2 Installments of:



Webinar Classes will be held on Mondays at 6:00 PM Pacific Time starting January 8th.


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